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CNC Turning

Doosan Puma 400XLB

Our family of Daewoo Fanuc controlled CNC turning centres deliver high productivity, accuracy and repeatability for a wide range of machining applications.

  • One-off and small batch specialists.
  • Exotic nickel and heat resistant alloys specialists.
  • Available capacity and fast deliveries.


CNC Turning

MachineDetailsMax Turn
Dia (mm)
Max Turn
Length (mm)
Daewoo Puma 2600Y (Full spec) 376 760
Doosan Puma 280LM (Full spec) 410 1030
Daewoo Puma 300B(Full spec) 400 650
Daewoo Puma 400LB (Full spec) 550 2100
Doosan Puma 400XLB (Full spec) 550 3114
Hankook VTC-100R(Full spec) 1000 900

CNC Machined Pump Spares

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